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At My Cup of Media, our number one focus is to bring our clients qualified leads.  Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars and hoping your investment worked.  With digital advertising through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we find your ideal customer, bring them in and keep them coming back while tracking your exact return on investment.


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We focus primarily on digital advertising using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  We've cultivated proven strategies to bring you the most customers for the least amount of money. 

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We put the "fun" in funnels.  How is this fun?  Nothing is more fun than watching a customer's audience grow while funneling this audience from a position of awareness to ready to buy. 

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Stay tuned for blog posts and videos with the latest marketing news, strategies and our "best of" campaigns.

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Meet Us

Michele and Jamie joined marketing forces in 2017. Michele brings her advertising and social media expertise while Jamie brings her video and technical genius to the table (with a cup of coffee).


Be where your customers are; on social media.